An innovative cooktop
for campers
for yachts

Unlimited potential…
You can take the comfort of use of top quality DYNACOOK ceramic gas cooktops wherever you want!

Safe, easy to use, environmentally friendly, and stylish. You can discover the world with something from your own always at hand. The flameless DYNACOOK gas cooktops can be installed in campers and yachts to cook with the everyday comfort of home while travelling.

Choose the right model for your needs and interior


DynaCook X2 mini
2 heating zones
Cooktop width: 46 cm

Takes maximum advantage of minimum space. The smallest model in the family, which retains all functions and features of DYNACOOK ceramic gas cooktops.

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DynaCook X2
2 heating zones
Cooktop width: 54.5 cm

Ensures cooking comfort regardless of the circumstances. A top model with compact size, which is perfect for camper and yacht interiors.

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DynaCook X3
3 heating zones
Cooktop width: 59 cm

Provides more room for the joy of cooking in travel. The convenient arrangement of three burners provides the joy of cooking and plenty of space to explore for culinary globetrotters.

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Camper & Yacht series
A new quality of cooking while travelling

Travel safely. Follow your own rules

No open flame means safety, especially when you’re on the move. Thanks to the easy to change gas tank installation and trace power consumption, you will have a working kitchen irrespectively of where you are headed.

Travel in comfort. Follow the clean trail

The smooth ceramic surface of the DYNACOOK is definitely much easier to clean than a traditional cooktop with protruding burners and grates. You don’t need to lose precious time on cleaning. And “accidents” like spilled liquid or grease are easy to fix.

Elegant design

Subtle and minimalist exhaust escape.

Premium product

An excellent addition to your stylish camper or yacht.

Astounding details

Careful attention to details – even at the cooktop height of 7 cm.

Chosen by citizens of the world

Sailors. Chefs. Globetrotters. Adventurers.

Follow your style wherever you are

Be pro-ecological with DYNACOOK

The “gas under glass” DYNACOOK cooktop is environmentally friendly. We don’t want to limit you when you are exploring the world, but we also don’t want to see you trying to violate the laws of nature. The ceramic gas cooktop produces much less undesired combustion waste than a classic gas and flame or induction cooktop.

Model comparison

DynaCook X3 CY DynaCook X2 CY mini DynaCook X2 CY
Width 590 mm 460 mm 545 mm
Depth 520 mm 280 mm 450 mm
Height 70 mm 70 mm 70 mm
Total heating power from 4,65 kW to 5,35 kW from 2,6 kW to 2,9 kW from 3.8 kW to 4,4 kW
Number of burners / heating zones 3 2 2
Cooktop weight 15.3 kg 6.8 kg 12 kg
Maximum power consumption 21 W 15 W 17 W

Keep the taste of your travels for longer!
The Home and Home Appliance series will let you enjoy your favourite dishes,
which you will prepare in the privacy of your home like a master chef.

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