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“Come see the world of the family-operated Dynaxo – the manufacturer of DynaCook cooktops. A world filled with passion, taste, development, and positive emotions.”

Małgorzata Brzóska-Nowak & Paweł Nowak

Dynaxo is a Polish family business. Our main values derived from the power of the family have been carried over to our business to create DYNACOOK cooktops.

A family business based on respect, where every success produces joy and motivation to keep going – this is our business message, which we derived from home. This is how we treat each other in Dynaxo on a daily basis at every level and this is how we approach our customers.

Besides taking advantage of the newest technology on a unique scale, development of the DYNACOOK was inspired by closeness and our family. We want to give future generations a planet with as little contamination as possible and inspire them to respect nature, never compromise living comfort, and follow their style wherever they are.

Dynaxo. A place where passion meets precision and development leads to action. This is where the ideas – which later turn into reality – are born.

“Over 40 years of experience is reason for pride and builds trust, but this is also an obligation towards our Customers.”

Stanisław Nowak
founder of the company, advisor to the management board

The history of Dynaxo

The genesis of Dynaxo is the story of the family of Jolanta and Stanisław Nowak. In 1980, engineer and builder Stanisław Nowak and his wife decided to create a strong Polish brand. Today, the brand spans generations and has its own Research and Development Department and research laboratory, which discover new solutions or improve existing ones on a daily basis.
We have almost 40 years of experience, a team of the best designers and technologists in the field, and an innovative and transparent management system. We have strong foundations. One of our main areas of activity involves premium brand household appliances, which have been validated with numerous patents and are known, acclaimed, and appreciated worldwide.

We want to give you unlimited potential regardless of the circumstances

Out of the over 40 years of development of Dynaxo, we dedicated 17 to researching the “gas under glass” technology. Our efforts, endless layers of enthusiasm in our vision, and eagerness to grow have produced premium class ceramic gas cooktops.

We initially introduced them into the homes of customers who did not want to use products consuming plenty of electricity or semi-ecological solutions and who did not see classic gas cooktops as a good match for their sense of aesthetics and home safety standards. We realised that no one – not us and not our customers – should ever abandon comfort and access to the newest technologies – not even when travelling. Following this principle, we developed the DYNACOOK, which is now also available in versions adapted for yachts, campers, and camping trailers.

“In the nineties, my wife took a liking to electric ceramic cooktops. It was something new and hard to install in Poland. I decided to give her a solution, which would fulfil both her designer and functional expectations.”

Stanisław Szyling
management board research and development consultant
innovator and inventor of the “gas under glass” technology

Ceramic gas cooktops with
“gas under glass” technology

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