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The perfect solution for people who value both cooking on gas and the convenience of induction cooktops

The perfect solution for people who value both cooking on gas and the convenience of induction cooktops

Our products combine the best features – the advantages of traditional gas cooktops and the visually impressive appearance of ceramic ones. We introduced numerous innovative and patented solutions to ensure safety, productiveness, and – most importantly – increased cooking comfort.


No open flame: “gas under glass”

The burners are concealed under the ceramic panel. They are heated up through gas combustion. This heat penetrates the ceramic panel to heat up the cookware holding the food.

Universal valves supporting every type of gas

Both mains (natural) and tank (propane – butane or propane) gas. This means that DYNACOOK cooktops will serve you anywhere and will not require you to give up the comfort of cooking on gas wherever you may be.

Convenience and ergonomics

You can easily cook in pots bigger than that supported by our competition on the glass DYNACOOK gas cooktops. And each heating zone supports different cookware sizes. Contrary to typical induction cooktops, the DYNACOOK does not require any special cookware.

Astounding accents. A patented designer exhaust escape

The exhaust escape is available in two finishing versions. It comes with a patented exhaust discharge system, which means that the escape cover can be removed with ease in order to clean the cooktop when something spills. This keeps the cooktop from being damaged by cleaning and various seeds and crumbs from getting scorched.

Intuitive precision control

Each heating zone has dedicated power control, which can be turned off immediately. We also offer the biggest range of heat settings on the market – eighteen of them, which allows for increased precision in adjustment of the temperature to the cooked meals.

Easy to clean thanks to the specially designed layer

The smooth ceramic surface of the gas under glass DYNACOOK cooktop is definitely easier to clean than that of a traditional cooktop with burners. The special insulation layer made with nanotechnology protects the surface from dirt and damage. As the burners are underneath the panel and the gas is combusted in high temperatures, there is no grease or dirt setting on the kitchen furniture.

A Polish product validated with numerous patents

The effect of years of intensive research of ceramic gas cooktop technology. We are the only ones manufacturing this premium panel, which is gaining momentum in Poland and abroad!


Energy-efficient effects

The glass DYNACOOK cooktops consume less gas than traditional gas cooktops. As the burners are located underneath the ceramic surface, the heat is not distributed throughout the room and heats up the cookware more efficiently. The device is even more productive thanks to the free heat zones, which take advantage of the heat generated by the burners and make the DYNACOOK gas under glass cooktop peerless when it comes to cooking costs compared to induction and classic ones.

The glass DYNACOOK gas cooktops consume trace amounts of power (max 35 W). They can also be equipped with an emergency power unit to work during power outages for days at a time!


Ecological solution

The DYNACOOK is environmentally friendly. It produces three times less carbon dioxide than common gas cooktops. The appropriately designed gas and air mixture and the gas combusted in high temperatures protect the environment from contamination and reduce emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere to minimum.

We use proven and practical designer solutions

No open flame – safety first

Safety is guaranteed by the potential gas leak indicator and the entire combustion process is controlled by the patented microprocessor-based control panel and gas supply outage indicator. The DYNACOOK cooktops are equipped with parental control, which locks the appliance from accidental activation and is dedicated to not only the youngest but the oldest members of the family as well, because their safety is equally important.

Without an open flame, the kitchen is definitely made better in homes full of children, for families who like to cook together, and during travelling – in smaller but open camper, camping trailer, or yacht space.

Cooking according to needs – irrespectively of the interior

The ceramic gas cooktop is a great alternative for people who don’t like to cook on induction cooktops, like clean cooking, and want to be more eco.
Choosing the right DYNACOOK model to meet your expectations and fit in the interior of your home is easy. Depending on your needs, you can cook on 2, 3, 4, or 5 burners. All models guarantee top comfort of use.

DynaCook X4 60 Modern


DynaCook X3


DynaCook X4


DynaCook X5


Unlimited cooking potential for all travels

The glass cooktop is visually similar to an induction cooktop, which means that it matches the elegance of all interiors.

We decided to fulfil the expectations of our clients and released the line of DYNACOOK ceramic gas cooktops for campers and yachts. The three compact models – with two or three burners – all have the minimum 7-centimetre height.

Cleaning the DYNACOOK

To make the cleaning process fun and simple, we include a special ceramic panel scrubber with every cooktop. Please see our “Cleaning and Maintenance” manual.

cleaning and maintenance (pdf)

DYNACOOK servicing centre

According to statistics, DYNACOOK cooktops are extremely durable and can serve you reliably for years to come. If you should experience any problems with your cooktop, please contact our servicing centre.

instruction manual / warranty (pdf)

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