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cooktops for your kitchen

Ceramic “gas under glass” cooktops. An innovative solution and an ecological alternative to induction and electric cooktops.

When it comes to the home, we never compromise. The DYNACOOK is an alternative to induction and electric cooktops. This solution builds upon the advantages of traditional gas cooktops and offers aesthetics beyond those of induction cooktops. It lets you make a conscious choice of the best option for your rational home budget, for the planet, for yourself, and for your family.

DynaCook X3


DynaCook X4


DynaCook X5


Choose the right model for your needs and interior

DynaCook X3
3 heating zones
Cooktop width: 59 cm

The optimal dimensions make the cooktop suitable for even the smallest of spaces and the clever distribution of heating zones makes it possible to cook in three pieces of cookware at the same time with comfort.

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DynaCook X4
Advantageous cooking
4 heating zones
Cooktop width: 73 cm

A classic cooktop extending beyond standard solutions. The cooktop is equipped with a free heat zone, which generates additional and free heat for your cooking.

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DynaCook X5
Cooking without limits
5 heating zones
Cooktop width: 83 cm

A solution for grand cooking with maximum effects: takes maximum advantage of the energy provided by the active burners to activate heating zones and have full control over the cooking process.

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A conscious choice of the best solutions for your home

A clean kitchen is always stylish. Dignified and beneficial energy efficiency

The gas under glass technology keeps your cookware and kitchen clean and oily residue off your furniture. The burners are located under the ceramic cooktop and the gas – which is combusted in a high temperature – is used more efficiently and economically.

Comfortable and safe cooking. We know how to eat

A gas cooktop with burners under a ceramic panel is safe – especially for children, seniors, and pets. Each burner has a dedicated and intuitive control panel so you can take charge of even the biggest family feast.

Model comparison
Home Series

DynaCook X4 ClassicDynaCook X3 NewDynaCook X5 Classic
Width 730 mm 590 mm 830 mm
Depth 520 mm 520 mm 520 mm
Height 70 mm 70 mm 70 mm
Total heating power depending on gas type, from 6,25 kW to 7,25 kW depending on gas type, from 4,65 kW to 5,35 kW depending on gas type, from 7,1 kW to 8,2 kW
Number of burners / heating zones 4 3 5
Cooktop weight 17.1 kg 12.6 kg 20.1 kg
Maximum power consumption 28 W 21 W 35 W

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