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We have been developing and improving the “gas under glass” technology for the past 17 years lat to make cooking on ceramic gas cooktops even more convenient, safer, and cost-efficient. Learn about the details and potential of DYNACOOK cooktops.


When we are designing our products, we want them to be perfectly made and reliable. The comfort of cooking on DYNACOOKs is our priority.

If you want to talk to the Servicing Centre or have any questions concerning your ceramic DYNACOOK, fill out the form and contact us.

User manuals and other documents


If you would like to learn more about ceramic gas cooktops, please read our answers to frequently asked questions.

We will explain the details concerning the sales of our products, the installation and assembly of ceramic gas cooktops, safety, use, and servicing. If you would like to learn more, please contact us. Our consultants will be glad to clarify all your concerns!




a.1 Where do I report any problems with the cooktop?

Please contact the Service Centre by e-mail: or phone +48 606 649 549.

a.2 Will the service technicians come to my home?

Yes. If you should have any problems with the cooktop, the technicians will come to your home.

a.3 How long is the warranty?

The warranty covers 24 months from the date of purchase.

b. USE


The smoke exhaust is composed of a stainless steel cover and a heat-resistant powder-coated insert. The smoke exhaust structure allows for removal of the stainless steel cover and insert for cleaning. For detailed information, please see the instruction manual (chapter: Smoke exhaust cleaning).

b.2 Is the cooktop easy to use?

When we designed the DynaCook cooktop, we focused on easy use. There are no special functions, which would require time to get acquainted with operation of the cooktop.
The cooktop is intuitive and easy to use. You can start cooking as soon as it is connected to a source of power and gas supply – we call it “Plug and Cook”.

b.3 Does the cooktop require any special cleaning agents?

Cleaning the surface is quick and easy. You can use the same cleaning agents as for common ceramic cooktops. Never apply the cleaning agent on a hot ceramic surface. Wipe the cleaning agent off with a damp cloth before heating up the ceramic surface again. For detailed information on cleaning and maintenance of the cooktop, please see the instruction manual (chapter: Cleaning and maintenance).

b.4 Does the cooktop require any special pots?

The DynaCook cooktop does not require any special pans. You can even use classic enamel cookware. The only requirement is a flat underside.

b.5 Is the device active (if so, for how long) in the event of a power outage?

A DynaCook cooktop can come with an extra independent UPS unit to guarantee that you will be able to keep cooking without any interruptions for several days. An emergency source of power supply makes the DynaCook independent of power outages.



If you are interested in detailed information, please call us: +48 664 764 000

The cooktop is available from furniture stores and studios, online home appliance stores, and the manufacturer’s warehouse.
You can find the list of stores under the “Where to buy” tab. To find the best location for you, please enter “DYNACOOK” in your regular (e.g. or price (e.g. search engine.

c.2 Gdzie można zobaczyć płytę?

Płytę można zobaczyć pod adresem:

Popowo 2a, 64-510 Wronki

Lista sklepów, w których mamy swoje ekspozycje.


d.1 Is the DYNACOOK cooktop installed the same as a regular cooktop/gas hob or in a different way?

The cooktop is just as easy to install as other gas hobs/cooktops. The DynaCook has a thread R ½” gas connection. Like all gas appliances, it must be installed by an appropriately certified technician.
For a detailed description of the cooktop’s gas connection, please see the instruction manual (chapter: gas installation).

d.2 What kind of gas does the cooktop require?

Depending on the Client’s request, DynaCook supports the following gas types:

Gas symbolGas nameGas working pressure
G20natural gas – methane20 mbar
G30propane-butane37 mbar
G31propane37 mbar

d.3 Can the installer reconfigure the cooktop to a different type of gas?

The cooktop is set by default to a specific type of gas for your convenience. Upon purchase, you can specify the gas type, to which the cooktop will be adapted. The cooktop gas “setting” is marked appropriately on the box label and rating plate found on the bottom metal cover of the cooktop.
Of course, if you should require the cooktop to support a different type of gas than that dictated by its default “setting” in the future, an authorised DYNAXO service technician or installer will adjust the cooktop according to your needs.

d.4 does the cooktop come with extra nozzles for different gas types?

See answer to question B.3. Nozzles supporting other gas types are not included with the cooktop. If you should require the cooktop to support a different type of gas than that dictated by its default “setting” in the future, an authorised DYNAXO service technician or installer will adjust the cooktop according to your needs.

d.5 Does the cooktop require a special kitchen cabinet?

Depending on the model, the cooktop is installed in standard 90 cm (X5 cooktop), 80 cm (X4 cooktop), and 60 cm (X3 and X2 cooktops) kitchen cabinets. However, please note the need to ensure proper ventilation. For detailed information on installation of specific cooktops, please see the instruction manual (chapter: ceramic cooktop installation).

d.6 What current power is required? what kind of a power connection does the cooktop require?

The cooktop does not require any special power connections as it uses very little power, maximum 35 W (X5 cooktop). All you need is a common 230V AC 50Hz outlet.


e.1 Is the cooktop safe?

DynaCook cooktops are completely safe. They are subject to extensive testing at the DYNAXO laboratory and at an independent scientific research institute (the Oil and Gas Institute in Kraków). Before being packed up and shipped out, every product is subject to standard testing procedures in scope of its safety. Every DynaCook cooktop is equipped with numerous safeguards, including the accidental activation (e.g. by children or animals) lockout, residue heat indicator (free heat zone data), no gas supply signal and gas leak ionisation protection (continuous gas combustion control eliminates the danger of it leaking), no open flame, automatic heat zone operation time (when the user forgets to turn the cooktop off). General information on safety of the DynaCook technology is also available on the Technology page.

e.2 Does the cooktop damage furniture?

The DynaCook cooktop does not damage furniture in any way. The only requirement towards furniture is resistance to temperature minimum 100°C (which is the kitchen furniture standard).

e.3 Does the SMOKE exhaust DAMAGE FURNITURE?

The smoke exhaust does not damage furniture. The exhaust structure fulfils all required standards. The hot air exhaust heats up and discharges hot air, which is why it should never be touched or covered up when cooking.
The DynaCook cooktop holds a safety certificates issued by an independent European certifying institution (the Oil and Gas Institute) with a copy attached to every instruction manual.

e.4 What is DOES THE SMOKE EXHAUST? is it dangerous to the user?

The smoke exhaust heats up and discharges smoke, which is why it should never be touched or covered up when cooking.

e.5 What does the smoke exhaust do?

The smoke exhaust discharges the products of gas combustion.

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