Travelling with Dynaxo

DYNACOOKs for travellers

Dynaxo. Made in Poland

DYNACOOK cooktops made by Dynaxo. For homes where the kitchen is the heart.

Gas under glass cooktops are as practical as they are stylish, as efficient as possible, and spectacularly minimalistic. This is the technology of the future, which is based on decades of experience. This is the best choice for you and your family.



There is power in simplicity
Home appliances

“gas under glass”

The perfect solution for your kitchen, which consumes less gas and is easy to use and keep clean.

There is flavour in possibilities
C&Y series

The DYNACOOK ceramic gas cooktops are great for travelling as well!

We took a proven solution and adapted the technology for purposes of campers and yachts.

DYNACOOK is changing your home for the better because its heart is the kitchen. DYNACOOK is changing your home for the better and your home is Earth. DYNACOOK is changing the world for you and future generations.

By choosing the DYNACOOK ceramic gas cooktop, you are choosing a conscious sense of social responsibility. You are choosing a technology, which is friendly to you and to the environment, which generates much less undesired combustion products (mainly CO2) than classic electric and induction cooktops, which run on electricity generated from coal combustion. The thermal energy generated by this cooktop reduces the emission of harmful substances into the environment to a minimum.

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An aesthetic approach to technology

The exhaust escape is a convenient way to keep things clean and an element providing the cooktop with a designer appearance. You can choose from two available colours to match the escape to any interior.

There are no limits when you cook with DYNACOOK.

The cooktop is equipped with an intuitive panel where each burner has its own dedicated power setting.

Home AGD series

Stylishly and practically
Let yourself be inspired


A proven solution for complete independence: from types of gas and power supply

The DYNACOOK ceramic gas cooktops support all types of gas, including mains (natural) gas and gas in tanks (propane – butane or propane). In the event of a power outage, the emergency power supply unit will get you through the next few days.

A range of products adapted to various purposes connected by convenience of use

As opposed to induction cooktops, the DYNACOOK does not require any special cookware. The heating zones are designed to support pots of various sizes and – thanks to the Flexible Heating Zone technology – you can easily use bigger pots than those supported by our competition.

DynaCook X4 60 Modern


DynaCook X3


DynaCook X4


DynaCook X5


Camper & Yacht series

Discover the world and enjoy the comfort of cooking wherever you are

cooktops dedicated for campers and yachts

The DYNACOOK ceramic gas cooktops allow for convenient and safe cooking irrespectively of the circumstances

You can choose one of three DYNACOOK models, the one best-suited for your camper or yacht and personal needs. As there is no open flame, the cooktop is safe and easy to keep clean.

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This is the perfect solution for travellers and discoverers who value convenience and are reluctant to give it up out of home

The gas tank is easy to change, the power consumption is trace, and there is a backup battery, which means that you can go off the grid anywhere you please. And it all comes in an elegant and designer style.

travelling with Dynaxo