DynaCook X4 Classic

Home AGD series ceramic gas cooktop

Dimensions: 730 x 520 x 70 mm
Cooktop type: gas – ceramic


surface: ceramic glass
color: black
exhaust finishing: standard – black anodised aluminium

4 burners (heating zones)

  • newest Flexible Heating Zone (FHZ) generation
  • 18 cooking (power) settings


methane G20 (2E) 20 mbar
gas in tank 37 mbar
propane/butane G30 (3B/P), propane G31 (3P)

Total heating power

depending on gas type, from 6,25 kW to 7,25 kW

Power supply

230 V AC

Maximum power consumption

28 W

Sensory control

  • (touch) simple, practical, accurate, and safe
  • Clear digital cooking setting (power) display

Additional functions

  • DynaBooster – fast boil
  • Safety lock - parental control - protection from accidentally being turned on by children
  • Clear, 2-stage heat retention indicator ("H" for hot field, "h" for warm field)
  • Sound and light signaling of the cooktop operating mode
  • Protection againstuncontrolled gas outflow


  • gas escape (gas leak) signal
  • no gas supply signal

Heating zone range (diameter) (FHZ)*

1 heating zone ø 105 - 145 mm (0,85 kW to 1,0 kW)
2 heating zones ø 140 - 180 mm (1,6 kW to 1,9 kW)
1 heating zone ø 180 - 220 mm (2,2 kW to 2,5 kW)
*heating zone power depending on the type of gas

Weight and dimensions

Weight: 17.1 kg
Dimensions: 730 x 520 x 70 mm
Dimensions of the cut-out in the countertop: 709 x 499 mm
Installation height of the cooktop with baffle: 90 mm

Gas connector

Location of the gas connector (seen from the front of the cooktop): on the left side
Type of gas connector: R 1/2"